How to sell your Morgantown Home in 60 Days!

How to sell your Morgantown home in 60 Days!

What do Morgantown homebuyers want? 2021 – From your Top Morgantown WV Real Estate Agent, Michelle Oates Duda

So, What do Morgantown homebuyers want? The majority of homebuyers aren’t looking for a fixer upper these days. In fact, they prefer homes that are turn-key, which is one where the previous owner has already done most of the heavy lifting for them.

Do not list until your home is PERFECT!  “You only have one chance to make a first impression!”

In 2020, my listings averaged just 42 days on the Morgantown market! I believe much of that success is due to how I prepare homes to sell. If you want your Morgantown home to sell quickly, there are a few recommendations I give to my sellers:

Channel your inner neat freak: “Declutter”

Homesellers should go from room to room and decide if each item is a life necessity in the next 6 months. If you can live without it, start boxing! This step helps to eliminate as much personal items and “junk” as possible. Organize closets, remove items from book shelves, countertops, fireplace mantles. Leave minimum furniture and personal items in each room. This will help to show homebuyers a space in its best light and less “stuff” makes the space appear larger. Arrange furniture so the room flows nicely and pack or toss bulky pieces.

But I love all my family photos: “Depersonalize”

Everyone loves their family photos but this is one of the first tasks you can handle easily. Start packing these memories for their new space in your new home. Buyers need to be able to imagine their family living in the space and that’s hard to do when family photos are all over the walls. Remember, homebuyers are looking to purchase a house not a home. Don’t forgot those Christmas card photos attached to the refrigerator. Pack up collections, toys, and all personal items on the bathroom counters and shower.

Every room in my house has a different color wall: “Neutralize”

Painting is never first on the list of fun things to do for homesellers but providing buyers with a neutral canvas is so important. A little time and money towards painting, removing wall stickers/art, caulking/painting baseboards and doors will go a long way towards selling your home. Also be sure to deep clean each room. Remove nails, patch holes, and paint. Put a little money towards these important projects and you can demand a higher price in the Morgantown market.

Unleash the interior designer in you: “Staging”

Morgantown homes staged before listing received offers in just 23 days, on average (Real Estate Staging Association), proving staged homes sell faster. Through my staging company, Monarch Interiors, my sister-in-law and I provide staging services. We have the inventory and talent to make a home feel warm and inviting. Staging can also be achieved with your own furniture. Homebuyers have a hard time imagining where their sofa will go or their favorite family heirloom, so staging assists in creating that vision. Home staging helps to create the emotion!

Why can’t I take photos with my phone: “Professional Photography”

Again, remember there is only one chance for a great first impression, and photos are the gateway to whether or not a Morgantown homebuyer decides to schedule a showing. A professional real estate photographer knows how to find the perfect lighting, angle, room depth, etc. This expense should be paid for by your listing agency.

I think my Morgantown home is worth $1 million: “Price it Right”

Pricing your home correctly is the key to selling it quickly. If homesellers overprice it initially, you will waste valuable time and days on Morgantown market. There is a fine line between over pricing and leaving money on the table. Take the advice of your real estate agent and use comps to help price your home. A Morgantown WV realtor will usually have a good understanding of the local market and what your home will sell for.

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